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About Me


Hi, thanks for taking an interest in my project!

The initiator:


Dirk Ulaszewski, former canoeist, multiple German champion, 2 x World Championship participation, 1 x Olympic Games 1988/Seoul - 1,000 metres single kayak. I live on Gran Canaria and I'm determined to do something against the pollution of the seas.




Some music projects:


1994 - The Winning Team: 13 songs with about 150 Olympic winners from summer sports, winter sports and the Paralympics.

2001 - Sportschau, for 40 years. Song for the birthday of the ARD sports show with Eberhard Gienger & Co.

2004 - Power & Glory, official Olympic song of the German Sports Aid Foundation on EUROSPORT.


Dirk: "I had a lot of international appearances for the German national team. The first time I played was in 1981 in Israel as a junior. In total, I was on the road for the German national team for 9 years. I have experienced many moving moments.


Experiences you can't buy and you can't learn anywhere. The best school for an optimal "mind-setting". Of course, my participation in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul was one of the most outstanding moments in my sporting life. Even if it wasn't enough for the final. To be among the ten fastest canoeists in the world is a great feeling.


But also the fact that I have been to every continent in the world because of the sport and have been able to get to know many different cultures and people has had a great impact on the rest of my life. Curious and unique events have occurred, such as my meeting with Steffi Graf or Gabriela Sabatini. Or the invitation to Helmut Kohl, a meeting with Hans-Joachim Friedrichs, Inga Humpe or Udo Lindenberg.

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